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Facial Services

The therapeutic nature of all Image Sculptors treatments begins with our facial skin care program. Each of our facial treatments utilizes medical grade skin care products chosen by our physician for their proven efficacy.


Image Facial: $85

This facial begins with a relaxing customized treatment designed around your skin care condition and needs. Finishing up with a chest and shoulder massage for the ultimate relaxing experience.


Purifying Acne Facial: $80

The acne facial is a deep cleansing treatment customized to your current condition. Thorough exfoliation, extractions, and combined anti-inflammatory treatments will be used to cleanse, soothe and calm your skin.


Season Facial: $85 

Indulge yourself in the aromas of the season with a decadent facial. This aroma therapy facial is the ultimate treatment for your skin including: deep cleansing, enzymes or fruit exfoliation, gentle extractions and aromatherapy massage.


Every facial is expertly crafted and customized for each clients individual needs. 

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