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After Significant Weight Loss Patient Gets A Mommy Makeover!

Gallery #2847 Height: 5'5"Weight: 142lbsAge: 49

This sweet mother of four raised her children and decided it was "her" time. After four pregnancies and loosing 80 plus pounds she was unhappy with her body. In order to replace the lost volume in her breasts she chose 325cc silicone high profile implant. A breast lift was performed to correct the laxity in her breasts. The last part of her mommy makeover was the lower body lift. This tightened all her abdominal muscles and removed the excess skin around her mid section. The benefit of extending the incision around to the back, Dr. Bennett was able to improve the appearance of her buttocks. She is extremely happy with her results! Her photos were taken three months after her surgery. She will continue to see improvement. We think she looks amazing!

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