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Patient Gets Lower Body Lift and Breast Augmentation!

Gallery #2273 Height: 5'6"Weight: 142lbsAge: 42

After two pregnancies, two breast reductions and loosing 80 lbs. this mom decided to do something for herself! At a early age she had two breast reductions. After her pregnancies and loosing weight it left her lacking volume in her breasts. After consulting with Dr. Bennett she opted to have breast augmentation using 225cc silicone moderate plus implants. This gave her the "C" cup size she desired. In regards to her abdomen she was unhappy with the excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen as well as her stretch marks in the lower abdomen area. She had maintained a stable weight and continued exercising and eating healthy however she couldn't do anything about the loose skin. She decided to have a lower body lift to obtain the best aesthetic result. She is very happy and this has boosted her body image. This mom looks amazing!

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