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Patient Gets Breast Augmentation Plus Lift With Shaped Implants!

Gallery #4422 Height: 5'2Weight: 164lbsAge: 32

This beautiful young lady came to us in hopes that she could have more breast volume with a breast lift. She is in a wheel chair due to paralysis of the legs. Using most of her upper body strength for her normal daily activities and care she was a candidate for placing the implants above the pec muscle in what is referred to as a "sub-glandular" position. This way she would still be able to use her pec muscles for lifting and pushing during the recovery stage. She also chose 390cc Contoured Textured Shaped breast implants. Choosing the shaped textured implants reduces the risk of a complication called Capsular Contracture. The risk of Capsular Contracture is higher when a smooth implant is placed in the sub-glandular position. She has a great result!

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