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At Image Sculptors our goal is to offer unsurpassed, compassionate,
personal and private plastic surgical care. We believe that your natural beauty is innate.

Image Sculptors can help you enhance your image and look as good as you feel.

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Image Sculptors is pleased to offer a variety of procedures, treatments, and services to rejuvenate or enhance your natural beauty. Our professionally trained staff combined with the latest advances in technology, treatments, and products allow our patients to experience optimum results from the services we offer.

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There are many types of face lifts: “mini”, “full”, “string”, “quick”. Some work well but many don’t. All give different results. Any that use one or two “strings” don’t work and can cause serious and permanent deformities. Facial aging has two components which need “lifting”. The deep structures (including the muscles) and the skin. These read more